Business Systems - Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our Consultants analyze the current compensation package and determine what would be the best strategy to make the transition seamless. Our philosophy around compensation is that every employee understands how they get paid and that there is a plan for their individual growth. We establish the correct balance between the salon's profitability and the stylist's ability to grow their personal income.

3 Year Business Financial Plan

At the completion of this project you will have a complete working 3 year plan for your salon. It is to be used as a strategic blue print for your future. It will be formatted and ready for proposal to a bank for a business loan if needed.

Debt Reduction Plan

Our Consultants will develop a strategy and working plan for your salon to get out of debt. They will identify the "GAP" that is necessary to make this goal realized in the most efficient way.

GAP Analysis

This tool looks at the salon's break even point and identifies the GAP (the amount of sales increase needed to reach the owner's goal). Then there is a year long calendar established for the salon including customized promotions, along with necessary training for the staff.

Efficiency Analysis

Pricing is one of the most important decisions a salon owner makes. This tool compares the efficiency of the salon to its expenses to determine the appropriate price per service in the salon to insure the salon reaches its profitability goals.

Manager Training

This training program focuses on teaching a system of goal setting and effective reviews for income producing employees.