Business Systems - Encore


(Investment of Choice)

Encore is a system designed to give your existing clients and new clients an incentive to visit the salon more often and spend more money each time they come. Encore provides the marketing resources to implement the strategies discussed at the Evolve Seminars. The Empower Members are also educated on how the programs work and how to communicate the promotions to their clients. This guarantees the success of the promotion and the growth in your business.

    System consists of:
  • • Unique Client Experience Survey
  • • Exclusive Quarterly Retail Promotions
  • • Pre-Booking Promotions
  • • New Client Retention & Referrals Programs
  • • Cross Promotions to Increase the Average Service $ per Client

  • Our industry is no longer just about cutting and coloring hair, it is about providing an experience. The way to create sustainable growth is to provide value through an outstanding client experience. The Client Experience Survey is a tool to help receive feedback on the effectiveness of the experience your salon is providing. This survey will rate each service provider on the 4 Vital Behaviors for Sustainable Growth and determine the client's behavior in 3 Growth Indicators- Pre-Booking, Repeat Service, and Referral.

  • Quarterly the salon will receive a report on the surveys along with suggestions on what to focus on for improvement, if necessary.

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  • Referral & Retention
  • The Number of Clients Serviced is a Key Revenue Indicator. Getting more clients through the door, more often, and spending more money is "Marketing 101." The Referral & Retention system is designed to encourage the salons most loyal customers to refer friends and family to the salon. This word of mouth marketing has been employed for decades. What is traditionally missing in the salons is a system to retain the New Client. This system customizes 3 promotions to encourage the New Client pre-book there next 3 appointments. When a client visits the salon 3 times they are considered a retained client.

  • In partnership with Mound Printing we have designed a sepcialized print-on-demand system for printing marketing materials that will help keep your retention rate high. Click Here to send a signup request. Please provide your name and email in the request.

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  • Pre-Booking
  • Frequency of Visit is a Key Revenue Indicator. How often a client comes into the salon is a determining factor for a profitable year or not. Just how the appointment is pre-booked could have a 20% swinging, positive or negative, in the salons sales. These promotions are designed to train your client how and when to book their appointments.

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  • Customized Service Promotions
  • Average Ticket is a Key Revenue Indicator. These customized promotions encourage clients to experience a variety of services the salon has to offer. Value added is the key to these promotions. We analyze where the opportunities are for growth in the salon- perming, smoothing, coloring, conditioning treatments, and other add on services; and create a value added promotion to encourage the client to experience something new. The goal is to create a promotion that will increase the overall average ticket by $5. On a quarterly basis, this can prove to dramatically increase the revenues for the salon over the course of the year.

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