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(Investment of Choice)

Benefits of an Integrated Business System

These 3 programs work in conjunction with each other to create our Integrated Business System which will increase the salon's profitability and truly create wealth for the salon owner. We believe in order to have sustainable growth the salon needs to become the Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Investment of Choice. This is what Evolve's Integrated Business System accomplishes.

The Seminars are geared toward salon owners and managers. They are focused at providing the latest business management information concentrating on Profitability & Wealth Creation, Stylist Retention, and Client Retention. Business trends and information are changing at such a rapid rate, in order to stay at the top of their game salon owners and managers need to stay up to date with new theories and opportunities for growth. Evolve was designed to filter the latest information and illustrate techniques on how to use and implement the information to guarantee the salon’s growth and success.

Evolve Members attend Seminars at No Charge. Ask your sales consultant how you can become an Evolve Member
    Past topics have included:
  • •  Profitable Growth  
  • •  Becoming a Market Leader 
  • •  Internal Marketing 
  • •  Stylist Retention 
  • •  Luxury Consumer 
  • •  Sustainable Growth
Our experience facilitators can help salon owners customize a solution to meet the salon's unique situation.
    Areas of Experience:
  • •  One on One Coaching 
  • •  Goal Setting and Achievement 
  • •  Customized Compensation Programs 
  • •  Developing a Business Plan for a Bank Loan
  • •  Negotiating Leases
  • •  Net Profit Improvement
  • •  Creating a Plan for the Growth of the Salon and Stylist
  • •  Debt Reduction
  • •  Customized Marketing Strategies through the Encore System
  • •  Staff motivation with Empower Member Training


Evolve Workshop for Owners

These business development workshops were created for Salon Owners to teach them how to implement a variety of business strategies within their salons. These are practical workshops utilizing the actual salons’ information as case studies. These are available for Evolve Members only. All of the workshops will be available thru video conferencing as well as at Evolve in Manchester NH.


Evolve presents Edependent

Who Should Attend, and Why?

For over 20 years, Evolve has been teaching and coaching salon owners of employee based salons to grow their business and become more protable. Every business needs to continue to grow. Having the strategy for sustainable growth is the first step. Aer years of analyzing the trends in the non employee based salon / salons that rent chairs to stylists; Evolve has figured a new strategy & system to help the salon comprised of Independent Stylists have sustainable growth. ere are some threatening trends that are occurring in our industry that we feel can be curtailed with the right strategy. We have that strategy! e person who should attend this seminar is the salon owner that rents chairs to Independent Stylists or the salon owner considering moving in that direction. is will be an informative and thought provoking seminar. We have taken the standard business model and turned it upside down.