Business Systems - Integrated Systems

Integrated Salon Business Systems

Evolve created their Integrated Business System that combines strategies to overcome staffing, client, and profitability issues. The system can be customized to address these three major areas at the same time by establishing a cause and effect analysis within your individual salon. We look at the total picture and analyze how one decision affects a multitude of facets in the salon.


Three times a year we conduct business training seminars which provide industry leading education on salon management and development. The speed of information and technology is changing at a rate of once a year; if you are doing business the way you were last year your strategies are out of date!

This intense 3 day training program for salon owners is focused on retooling your salon for profitability. Participants will learn a proven stylist retention tool, how to read and manage financial statements, and how to identify your positioning in your marketplace.

You will leave the seminar with a complete 3 year business plan that includes financial forecasts, a complete marketing plan, and systems to spur motivation from your stylists. Along with the plan you will have prescheduled coaching sessions to insure a successful implementation into your everyday business environment.

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Empower focuses on motivating and training the salon's staff through hands-on career development instruction. Communication is a lost art in our industry today. At the 3 day Empower program we focus on teaching more effective ways to communicate with clients and co-workers. This program is designed to motivate Stylists who want to take their careers to the next level. They will learn a system that increases client retention, personal income and a reduction in personal debt. We focus on the 4 Vital Behaviors necessary to becoming a top income producer.

Empower provides a support pillar for salon owners because the pertinent information discussed at the Evolve Seminars is explained and discussed during the Empower meetings. This facilitates the implementation of any new ideas into the salon to guarantee success. The objective is to develop a well rounded stylist utilizing soft skills that ensures their success and growth of the salon.

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Encore is a system designed to give your existing clients an incentive to visit the salon more often and spend more money each time they come in. Encore provides the marketing resources to implement the strategies discussed at the Evolve Seminars. Powered by the technology becomes seamless for the salon owner to implement the promotions with a click of a button from their website. The Encore members are also educated on how the promotions work and how to communicate them to their clients. This guarantees the success of the promotion and the growth in your business.

    System consists of:
  • • Unique Client Experience Survey
  • • Exclusive Quarterly Retail Promotions
  • • Pre-booking Promotions
  • • New Client Referral & Retention Systems
  • • Cross Promotions to Increase the Average Service Dollar per Client
  • • Mobile Marketing
  • • "Evolving" Marketing Strategies

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